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Associação de plantas e jardins em climas mediterrânico  -  Mediterranean Gardening Association - Portugal


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Further Information

This part of the site contains pages on the activities of the association, such as conservation and research, together with information we hope you will find useful such as nursery and seed lists. There are also slide show presentations and articles on plants and gardening in mediterranean climate zones.

A major aspect of our stated aims is education, together with research and environmentally friendly ethics as major goals.

The most important resource of our Association is the knowledge and experience of our members, please consider sharing this by way of articles, photos and also opening your garden to other members.

We have done our best to present you with good quality and relevant information, if you see anything you wish to correct or comment on please get in touch

Lists of nurseries in Portugal & overseas


Specialist knowledge to help the mediterranean gardener


Conservation - information on the role of MGAP and gardeners


Research - the role of MGAP and gardeners


MGAP slide show presentations by specialists


Ophrys speculum. The Mirror Orchid.  Easy to recognise owing to its vivid blue, glossy, enamel-like lip, which is fringed with long, red-brown hairs.
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